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About Us

Innertex Construction began as a Dallas construction company in 1983 built upon the foundation that the goal of any project is to serve the client. No matter how large or small the contract, we conduct business by ensuring ethical constructions practices, diligent project management, and reliable on time preformance.

Our corporate vision is to model a collective commitment to excellence; stimulate mutual understanding between our staff and our clients; and offer innovation and cost benefit solutions for the most complex construction challenges. ITC hires the best talent for preconstruction planning to post construction assistance. Our team of dedicated professionals maintains strict protocols for quality and service delivery. It is our practice to achieve operational consistency between our values and our behavior. To that end we are impartial,respectful, and positive.

Imbedded ITC's core principles of integrity, fairness, and accountability, our corporate goals have remained unchanged since our beginning. We continue to operate under the three "C's": commitment, communication, and collaboration. Under this banner, we are driven to be good corporate citizens responsible in all fiduciary matters and impart integrity at every level of our business operations. Our legacy is to make a difference for our clients and to leave an indelible mark of excellence.

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